How to Play Wii Games From a Network Drive

By Blythe Wolf

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Unix computer or Unix shell

  • Wii with Homebrew Application

A good programmer is required to stream video games onto a Wii.
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The Nintendo Wii uses wireless G so it is possible to stream video games from another computer off your network. To stream a video game to the Wii you need to create a shell for the game to run off of a computer, then use a modified Homebrew application to run the visuals off of the Wii. While people have programmed an application for the Nintendo Gamecube for this exact purpose, it has not been modified to run off of the Nintendo Wii yet. If you have the programming skills, you can tweak the Gamecube application to run off the Wii.

Click both links in the resource section (Phoenix Atmega Loader v2.7.9 and AR v1.08 Loader). Both sites require the user to register to access their freeware. Click on "Register" under the "Login" button for Phoenix Atmega Loader to sign up. For EurAsia downloads, the site that hosts AR v1.08 Loader download, click on the "Create One" hyperlink underneath the "Login" button.

Set up your network for a static IP address and manually set your computer and the Wii to a static IP address.

Download Phoenix Atmega Loader (see Resources) to your Unix computer. Phoenix Atmega Loader is freeware, so under no circumstances can you tweak this software for personal profit. This application is designed off an Atmega128/256 wafer card. The program defaults to the standard 3.6864Mhz ISO clock, the same ISO as a Wii, so it will be suited to stream ISO to the Wii.

Download AR 1.08 loader (see Resources). AR 1.08 Loader is designed to convert Gamecube files to be read by Wii. Go to a command line on your Unix box and access Phoenix Atmega Loader, uncompile the software. Run AR 1.08 loader, and try to compile Phoenix Atmega Loader. There are going to be errors. Go through the code line by line and fix each error. This may take hours of work. If you have the patience you will be able to create a streaming program for the Wii.