Problems With Distorted TV Sounds

By James Holloway

Updated September 28, 2017

Loose connections can cause audio problems.
i Wire the tip a socket for the TV image by Anton Baranovsky from

Distorted or fuzzy sound can ruin your joy of watching television. There are a number of possible causes for this interference, from signal interference to problems with your equipment. Following these steps can solve many TV audio problems.


Check that all connections to your television are secure and that the cables are in good condition. The audio cable from the DVD player or cable box may be loose or worn. Wipe the audio connection port with a damp cloth if it has become dirty.

TV Settings

Make sure that your television's equalizer settings are correct for the speaker system you're using. If you're using external speakers, consult the owner's manual for the correct settings.


Test for interference from nearby electronic devices by switching them on and off one by one to see if the distortion is related. You may need to replace a faulty device. Check your thermostat as well.


Connect another television to your antenna or cable box to see if the problem is present. If it is, the difficulty is with the signal. Consult your cable provider or adjust your antenna to improve reception.