Multiplayer Skype Games

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

Skype isn't limited to Internet phone calls and video conferences. You can also challenge your friends to games such as chess and checkers, playing against them while you chat. These games don't come pre-installed with your Skype package, but you can download them from a browser or from your Skype client directly.


Backgammon is one of the oldest board games that's still in play, and with this Skype extra, you can pit yourself against your friends. The objective is to remove all your checkers from the board before your opponent does so. You do this by strategically hopping them along colored arrows. The Skype version of the game follows standard rules. Graphically, it presents the game with polished wooden pieces.

Bingo Place

Although there isn't much interaction in a game like Bingo, it's still a multi-player game. Each player receives a playing card with a five-by-five grid of numbers. The objective is to connect a row of five of these numbers, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Place markers on numbers that have been "called out." The first player to connect a row wins the game. The Skype version follows standard rules. Graphically, it's designed for simplicity, with previously "called out" numbers highlighted across the card.


Checkers is yet another classic that's been incorporated into the Skype array of extras. Pieces are placed across a checkered board. The objective is to remove all of your opponent's pieces before he removes yours. This is done by "jumping" over a piece diagonally. Standard pieces can only move forward across the board, but once they reach the other end, they're kinged and can move both forward and backward. The Skype version presents the game on a marbled board of white and gray.


Chess uses the same board as checkers, but the pieces and rules are more complex. Each player has six different types of pieces, and all of these pieces move in different ways. The objective isn't to eliminate your opponent's army, but rather to kill his king. Move one of your pieces onto the tile the king occupies. The Skype version makes the game somewhat easier for novices as it automatically highlights legal moves. This means that if you're unfamiliar with the pieces and how they move around the board, Skype will show you what your options are.


The objective of Hangman is to guess a randomly selected word before your opponent does. The players take turns guessing letters, and if they guess correctly, the letter appears on the playing board. In time, they'll be able to spell out the whole word or guess it in its entirety. If they guess incorrectly, though, a stick-figure body part is drawn in the game window, such as an arm, leg, or torso. Once the stick-figure body is complete, then the game automatically ends with no winner.