How to Print a Picture on a CD

By Matthew Battle

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Image editing software

  • Printer with CD printing capabilities

  • Blank Printable CD-R

Print a picture onto your CD for a professional look.
i cd-r image by matteo NATALE from

Printing a picture onto your CD means that you can create your own professional looking CD at home. With the programs and software available on computers now this process is very straightforward, however it's integral that you have a printer with CD printing capabilities. If you don't have a printer of this type then you will not be able to print an image onto your CD. Also, make sure you use printable CDs so that the image dries faster and does not smear from the face of the CD.

Turn on your printer and your computer.

Open the image you wish to print onto a CD in an image editing program. Double-click on the image once it is opened to enlarge it. Add text or other graphical details to the picture in your image editing program. Crop the picture so that there are no empty spaces around the edge of your image; the image will automatically fit to the size of your CD when you print it.

Press "Eject" on your printer. Insert the CD you want to print a picture on into the CD tray with the non-readable side facing up. Close the CD tray.

Click on your enlarge image's tab on your computer. Click on the thumbnail image of a printer, which is in the row of action icons below the image. In the Properties or Preferences tab, choose the media type as CD/DVD to print on your CD. the location and exact wording of the option will vary by printer.

Remove the CD from the printing tray when the printing process is complete.


Always be aware of copyright laws before copying any images or music.


Never use a printer that is not made for CD printing. Doing so could seriously damage your printer.