How to Convert a Garmin Map to IGO

by Alizarin BlackUpdated September 28, 2017
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Garmin is one of the leading providers of handheld and "on the road" Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. IGO is another leader in Global Positioning System navigation software for personal digital assistant (PDA) devices in North and South America, Europe and Asia. It is possible to convert Garmin maps to IGO maps. Downloading software that allows you to convert Garmin maps to IGO maps enables you to use your Garmin map on an IGO device.

Download and install the free trial version of GPS Converter from Brothersoft (see Resources).

Open GPS Converter.

Press "Open" at the upper-left corner of GPS Converter to load a Garmin Map on your hard drive. Press "Open" to load it into GPS Converter.

Press "IGO" in the "Output Format" column on the right side of the program. Scroll down the list of map formats until you reach IGO.

Press "Apply Changes" to convert a Garmin Map to IGO.


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