How to Make Photos Into Cards Free

By Nadia Nygaard

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet access

  • Photos

  • Photo editing program

  • Printer

Turn your favorite photos into cards to send to family and friends.
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Photo greeting cards are one way to share pictures of your family, your vacation photos or any other pictures with friends and family. While it's difficult to get something for nothing, if you are willing to print your cards yourself, you can make and save a photo card to your computer using online programs. Additionally, some photo printing companies offer special deals that include free photo cards to entice new customers to their sites.

Choose the photos you'd like to make into cards. You may want to create a holiday greeting with a photo of your family on the front or a series of all-occasion cards using your favorite photos from a recent vacation.

Edit your photos. Using a computer photo-editing program, either software or an online program, edit your photos. Consider cropping the photos to increase the focus on a particular object or face, saturating the photo so colors "pop," or creating a new mood to your photo by switching the color to black and white.

Decide if you are going to print your own photos or have an outside source print the photos for you. If you print your own photos, there are several online programs that will help you create and save a card to your computer for free. Once you find a program with styles you like, follow the directions to upload, edit and save your card creation.

Take advantage of online deals and new customer specials for photo processing companies. Companies like See Here, Shutterfly and Snapfish often offer a certain number of free cards to new customers. The offers often get better as the Christmas season approaches.