How to Block LiveJasmin Popups

by Steve GregoryUpdated September 28, 2017

LiveJasmin pop-ups automatically open when you visit the LiveJasmin video chat website. The LiveJasmin pop-ups are small windows that advertise their services or offer deals to entice users to purchase a service plan. These pop-ups can be an annoyance because they can occur multiple times while on the LiveJasmin website, which can hinder your browsing experience. To block the pop-ups, activate the pop-up blocker on Internet Explorer and then set the filter to "High."

Launch Internet Explorer and click the "Tools" button on the main menu bar.

Click "Pop-Up Blocker" from the drop-down list and then select "Turn on Pop-Up Blocker." The pop-up blocker is activated.

Click "Tools" again and select "Pop-up Blocker."

Click "Pop-up Blocker Settings." The Pop-up Blocker Settings window opens.

Select "High: Block All Pop-Ups" from the "Filter Level" drop-down box and click "Close."

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