How to Use a Hard Drive on a PS2 Slim

By Steve Ungrey

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • External or internal USB hard drive

  • USB Extreme program

  • USB Advance program

Adding a hard drive to a PS2 Slim can bolster its performance and add memory.
i bare oem hard drive image by davidcrehner from

Heavy use of a PlayStation 2 (PS2) system may leave you with too little room to save your game progress, or it could be that you want to store your games on an external drive instead of putting them in the game system one at a time. The PS2 Slim offers a way to store games on a hard drive, but the drive must be installed before anything else can be done.

Installing the Hard Drive

Format your hard drive in NTFS (New Technology File System) format.

Open USB Extreme. Go to "Disk Format," and reformat the drive. While this may seem redundant, you've formatted the drive first to work with a PC, and now it is being formatted to work with the PS2 Slim.

Burn the USB Advance program to a CD using the CD-burning program on your computer.

Stop the USB hard drive, and plug it in to the PS2 Slim. Insert the USB Advance CD in the computer, and wait for the USB Advance screen to appear.

Installing Games

Plug the USB hard drive in to your computer. Insert a PlayStation 2 game in your disc drive

Open USB Extreme. Select the drive the PS2 game is in, and click "Start."

Name the game whatever you wish, and select "Start." Stop the drive, and click on the USB Advance program. The game should be listed there. Repeat this step to add more games to the hard drive.