How to Fly a Helicopter on "ROBLOX"

By Sean Mann

Updated September 22, 2017

"ROBLOX" is a free online multiplayer game where you can build an endless assortment of items using LEGO-like blocks. You can pay a subscription fee to access premium features. Vehicles such as cars, helicopters and planes are scattered across the ROBLOX maps. A helicopter can be used for faster travel, to access high-level areas, to scout the area or even to destroy buildings with ROBLOX weapons. A parachute can help you make a quick escape from a high altitude.

Locate a helicopter in ROBLOX and get in the driver's seat. Click the helicopter tool at the bottom-left of your screen. This links your controls to the helicopter so you can fly it. It's possible to build your own helicopter using ROBLOX's item editor.

Press the "Y" button to start flying the helicopter. Click and move the mouse to aim the helicopter's blades and fly in a specific direction. Zoom in or out to get a good view of the helicopter.

Press the "F" button to fire rockets and the "B" button to drop bombs if your helicopter has weapons.

Press the "X" button when the helicopter is near the ground to land it and jump out. You can use a parachute to safely jump fromthe helicopter when it's not near the ground.