How to Use MP9 Digital Pocket Video Recorder

By Whitney Houston

Updated September 28, 2017

Keep the pen in an inconspicuous place to record nonchalantly.
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The MP9 digital pocket video recorder captures good quality video and audio from the guise of a regular ballpoint pen. The pen is black and silver and features a clip, so that you can fasten it to a shirt pocket. Videos are captured in AVI format through a small, pinhole lens. Once you acquire your MP9, you might need to know how to use its basic controls, which include a single button, a status light and a USB connector. Before performing any spy duties, you’ll want to know your MP9 inside and out.

Twist the grip around the bottom of the pen counterclockwise to extend the pen portion of the MP9. The pen is fully functional and can be refilled. Write with it as you would a normal pen. Twist the grip clockwise to retract the pen tip.

Hold the pen in both hands and unscrew the top half while holding the bottom half still. Pull the top portion away from the bottom half of the pen. You will see a USB port, which was recently concealed within the pen. Plug the USB half of the pen into a USB port on your computer, or plug the pen into the USB travel charger and plug the pronged end into a wall. Allow two hours for the MP9 to fully charge. Disconnect the pen and screw the bottom portion back onto the bottom.

Push and hold down the button on the top of the pen to power your MP9. You will see a small light on the back of the pen illuminate orange to let you know the pen is powered and is in stand-by mode. Push and hold down the button again to turn it on.

Face the small lens (located on the side of the pen directly above the clip) toward your subject. Avoid covering the microphone, which is a small hole located on the left side of the pen. Push the button on top of the pen once to begin recording. The small light on the back of the pen will change from orange to blue to let you know it’s in recording mode. Keep your lens pointed toward your subject.

Push the top of the pen again to stop recording. The light on the back of the pen will illuminate orange, indicating it’s in standby mode. Push the top of the pen to begin recording again. Do this as many times as you like. The pen will record for about an hour non-stop at 15 frames-per-second, or until it reaches its 2-gigabyte capacity.

Unscrew the top half of the pen and pull it away from the bottom half. Plug the pen into a USB port on your computer. Select the MP9 icon with your mouse from the device window, and click it to see its components. Select the files you wish to view from the MP9 and drag them to the folder of you choosing. Once the files are copied, you can delete them to free-up space.