How to Use Cheat Engine 5.3 for Neopets

By Leanne Canirs

Updated September 22, 2017

Using Cheat Engine 5.3 on Neopets
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Neopets is an online gaming site launched in 1999. Like most games, some of the Neopets games are sometimes challenging. Players may find it hard to earn Neopoints virtual currency and to win virtual badges called avatars. Cheat Engine 5.3 helps you beat the system and win the awards you seek. Visit the Neopets website and click "Sign Up Now" to register for a free account if you don't have one yet. As of January 2011, registering earns you 2,500 Neopoints.

Download Cheat Engine 5.3 from the D3SCENE website. Double-click the installation file and follow the directions to install the program.

Open your Web browser and log in to your Neopets account.

Click "Games" on the Neopets header. Use the game search function to find games that give out avatars. If you're unsure which games give these out, visit the SunnyNeo website to view a list. If you're using Cheat Engine 5.3 to earn Neopoints instead, any game will do.

Click on the game you wish to play and wait for it to load. While the game is loading, open Cheat Engine 5.3 by double-clicking its icon on your desktop.

Click the gray button on Cheat Engine 5.3 with the computer icon on it. Select your Internet browser from the popup list.

Check the box next to "Enable Hackspeed." Change the speed to "0.3" and click "Apply."

Minimize Cheat Engine 5.3 and click "Start Game" on Neopets. You will notice that the game now goes much more slowly, allowing you to earn avatars and Neopoints with ease.

Take note of the "NP Ratio" at the bottom of the Neopets games. This will tell you how many points you need to have a significant score. If you're trying to gain an avatar, visit the SunnyNeo website to find out how many points you need for a particular avatar.

Click "End Game" then "Send Score" when you've earned enough points. Any Neopoints or avatars you have earned are credited to your account.


Using Cheat Engine 5.3 is against Neopets rules and can result in having your account frozen.