How to Get the DVD Key From an Xbox 360 Motherboard

By Paul Lin

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Torx screwdriver (size 7)

  • JungleFlash program

  • SATA cable

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Like all high power electronic devices, Xbox 360 consoles run on an internal motherboard that transmits data between the processor chips, graphics cards and internal storage systems. Whether you wish to run a custom software on your Xbox 360 console or need to diagnose a problem, you can use a JungleFlasher program called "InFeCtuS" to help you do it. The software will extract your Xbox 360 motherboard's unique DVD key in about 20 to 30 minutes.

Power down your Xbox 360 console, and unplug all cables connected to it.

Remove the faceplate from the front of the console. Unlatch the plastic tabs, and remove the outer casing. Using a Torx screwdriver, remove the screws from the corners of the interior casing, and slide open the case. Disconnect the DVD drive cable from the SATA cable, and connect your computer's SATA cable to the Xbox 360.

Power on your computer, and download the JungleFlasher program (see References). As of late November 2010, JungleFlasher is the only program that allows you to extract the DVD key from your Xbox 360 motherboard.

Install and run the JungleFlasher program. Click "Extract DV Key Using InFeCtuS," and select your console: Xbox 360. Set your destination. The DVD key will copy into a BIN file to a preset destination of your choice. Press the "OK" button once you have set your output destination, and wait for the program to copy your DVD key from the Xbox 360 motherboard.

Close the program, and power off your computer when the DVD key extraction has finished. Reconnect the SATA cable to the DVD drive cable on the console. Reassemble the case and faceplate before powering on the Xbox 360.


Disassembling your Xbox 360 to find the DVD key voids its warranty.