How to View a Live Satellite Feed

by Missy J. TalbotUpdated September 28, 2017
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A live satellite feed is video that is recorded live at an event and then broadcast on the Internet. By accessing the site from which the feed is broadcast, you can watch it live as it is transmitted. All you need to do to watch a live satellite feed is make sure that you know on which website the feed will be broadcast.

Find out from which website the satellite feed is being broadcast. If you aren't privy to the site information, you can type the name of the event into a search engine and see if a site comes up.

Navigate to the site at the appropriate time for the live feed to begin. Some sites will not be active until the live feed begins, but others display welcome screens or waiting screens before the feed becomes active. As soon as the feed becomes active, however, you will see it on your site.

Enter your user name and password if one is required to view the video. Most live streams are free, but others require fees or memberships to view. If you are accessing a restricted feed, you will need an account to view the video.

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