How to Create a 3D Model of a Female Online

By Kenyonda Bradley

Updated September 28, 2017

A number of websites allow users to create 3D female models to use as avatars in blogging, gaming and social networking. You do not need to be a computer genius to create a 3D model of a female online. These websites allow you to create a virtual model for free without much effort.

DAZ 3D Studio

Visit and click the link “Create an account.” Fill out the online form with the information requested.

Access your email account and validate your DAZ user account. Click the link attached to the email message to return to

Click the link to download the “Free DAZ Studio” software. Follow the onscreen prompts to install the software on your computer.

Run the DAZ software and click the folder “DAZ Figures.” Select a female figure from the folder. Click the “Clothing” folder and select an outfit that you want your virtual model to wear. Click the “Hair” folder to change the hairstyle on the 3D model.

Click the “Pose/Animate” tab to select your virtual model pose.

Click the “Menu” tab. Click “Render” followed by “Render Settings.” Wait for the dialog box to appear and click “Image File.” Select the area on your computer that you want to save the file to and click “Render” to save the image to that location. and

Visit or and click the tab “Create a look.” Click “My Model” if using My Virtual Model.

Select a female model from the model selections available and complete the online form with the information requested of you to establish an account.

Enter the name of the virtual model in the appropriate field. Select the face, body shape and hair color for your 3D model. allows you to personalize your model by uploading a picture. If you would like to upload a picture, click “My face” followed by “Browse” and select a picture from your computer. Click “OK” and wait for the picture to upload to your model’s face.

Click the “Background” tab to change the image that is behind your 3D model. Click “Items” or “Clothes” to change the clothes that your model is wearing.

Click “Set my model” or “Publish” to save the image and download it to your computer.