How to Install Windows 7 on Your PC

By Joshua Laud

Updated September 28, 2017

When you build a new computer you will need to install an operating system (OS) to it; alternatively, if you are upgrading an old computer you may want to install a new OS. Installing Windows 7 is easier than installing any previous Windows operating system and can be done with just one DVD. This process can take up to up to an hour or more depending on the specifications of your computer.

If you are upgrading and have a previous operating system installed, back up your important files to external media.

Turn your computer on and insert the Windows 7 disc.

Press any key when prompted to boot from the CD.

Click "Install Windows," "I accept the license terms" and then "Next."

Click "Custom." Select the empty partition you want to install Windows to. If you are upgrading, select your existing operating system, click "Format" and then click "OK." Then click "Next."

Follow the remaining onscreen settings to set your personal installation preferences. Click "Finish" at the end to finish the installation of Windows 7.

If you backed up files in step 1, copy them to the new folders such as "Documents," "Pictures" and "Movies" as appropriate.