How to Create a Book Fold

By Angela Neal

Updated September 22, 2017

If you want to create a booklet or brochure, it is helpful to know how to create a "book fold" with your word processing or publishing software. A "book fold" refers to how paper is folded so that pages can be turned. Some programs allow you to easily format your documents to print, so that they will be in the order of a booklet. Depending on the information you want to publish in your booklet, you can format it so that a document is split into two halves or four quarters.

Printer set-up

Go to "File", "Print" in the program you are using and select "Properties". Set the paper orientation to "Landscape" so that the paper prints out horizontally, or enter 11 inches in the width text box and 8.5 inches in the height text box. This printer set-up is the same for any program you are working with.

Open Microsoft Word and create a new document. Click on "Margins", "Multiple Pages" and then "Book Fold". Enter the amount of space you want for the margins of your booklet pages in the "Inside" and "Outside" boxes. Choose the number of pages you want from the "Sheets Per Booklet" menu. Fill each section of the pages with text, graphics or other content.

Start Microsoft Publisher and go to "Blank Publications". Hit the "Book Fold" icon under Blank Full Page and click on "Create". Click "Yes" when it tells you to add three more pages to make the booklet even. Enter your text and other content into the pages by scrolling down to each page that makes up your booklet.

Launch Open Office Writer and go to "File", "Print". Click on "Options" in the Print window and put a check mark next to "Brochure" in the "Pages" section. Click "OK". Fill out the sections of the pages with the content of your booklet.

Go to "File", "Print" when you are finished adding the content to your booklet. Stack the pages in the order you want them, make sure the edges are aligned and fold them along the middle. Crease the fold so you can clearly see where the fold is and then unfold it. Lay it face-down on the pages in the center and staple the fold. Place a staple about 1 to 2 inches from the top and bottom to secure the pages.


The margin width of .5 inches or less is ideal because you have more room for the content of the pages.