How to Unlock a Wii for Free

By Dan Harkins

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • SD card

  • Computer with SD card slot

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Unlocking your Wii gaming console will expand its functionality. For instance, a Wii console can't play DVDs until you unlock its operating system and replace it with one that can. After unlocking, you can also play copies of games to keep your originals in mint condition and use other types of software like ones that allow you to play audio files or "homebrew" games. Several websites offer access to Wii unlocking software for a fee; others offer the freeware that will "softmod" your console without voiding your warranty. All you need is a standard SD card.

Turn on your Web-ready computer and insert an empty SD card into the card slot.

Navigate to the link in the Resources section and click "Download." On the next page, click "Download Free."

Click "Allow," if prompted by your browser, then "Install now."

Double-click the installation file after it has fully downloaded to your computer. Follow the prompts on-screen to load the software on your SD card.

Remove your SD card from the slot and move it to your Wii console.

Open the front port/slot door on your Wii, with the console off, and insert the SD card into the corresponding slot.

Turn on your console and allow the firmware to unlock your old system and install your new firmware. Complete the remaining prompts from your Wii console to finish the installation. Reboot the console and try out your modded system.