How to Transfer Everything From an Old Cell Phone to a New Cell Phone

By Nicole Schmoll

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet connection

  • Cell phone

Upgrading to a new cell phone is a necessary evil that often results in the loss of contacts and photos stored on the old phone. When you switch to a new cell phone carrier, you can lose your old phone number as well. Transfer data and pictures to your new phone by using free software to back them up before you switch phones, and loading that data onto your new phone once you upgrade.

Choose a free data backup program to use with your cell phone such as Vodafone, BitPim, SyncFriend or Dashwire, which allow you to store contacts and photos online for free. Review the terms, conditions and storage capacities, as well as which phones, if any, are not supported, to select the service that is right for you.

Set up your current phone with the service of your choice and wait as your data is uploaded to the service’s site. After setup, test the service’s functionality by adding a new contact or photo to your phone and syncing your phone. (Most offer a one-button sync ability.) Verify that all your data, including the just-added contact or photo, is online.

After receiving your new phone, log in to your online data storage service account and connect your new phone with a USB cable to your computer, and load your stored contacts, photos and games from your online account to your new phone.


If you are switching carriers, talk to your old and new service providers about what specific steps you need to take to port your old number over to your new phone, so that you can continue to use the same cell number, even with a new phone.

Check to see if your phone has an SD card inside it. If so, remove that SD card before discarding your phone because that card will have data entered into your phone stored on it. Take the SD card with you to your new cell phone provider and select a phone that is compatible with your old SD card so that you can retrieve and use the data stored on it on your new phone.