How to Download YouTube Songs Onto a CD

By Justin Davis

Updated September 28, 2017

Songs can be downloaded from YouTube and burned onto a CD.
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With millions of entertaining videos available for free, YouTube has become one of the most popular websites on the Internet. Many bands and musical artists release songs and music videos on YouTube and only are available from the website. Copying a song from YouTube requires downloading the song from the video clip. Once the song is downloaded as an MP3, it can be burned onto a CD for later use.

Downloading Songs From YouTube

Use the Internet to navigate to the YouTube website with a desired web browse. Type in a search for the song, and click on the video clip that has the desired music to download.

Right-click on the URL in the address bar at the top of the browser, and then choose the "Copy" function.

Use the Internet to navigate to a website that allows downloading music directly from YouTube clips, such as ListenToYouTube and TuneNabber.

Right-click on the open box on the website, and then select "Paste" to put the Web address of the YouTube clip in the box. Click "Enter" to download the music from YouTube, then click "Save As" to save the downloaded file onto the computer.

Burning YouTube Songs Onto a CD

Insert a blank CD-R into the computer's CD drive. Open the computer's CD burning software, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes.

Create a playlist for the blank CD with the open CD burning software. Left-click on "Library" then "List," and then "Burn List" in Windows Media Player. For other CD burning applications, left-click to hold onto the specific music files in the "Content" window, and then drag and drop them onto the "List" window. Left-click on "File," then "Add Songs," then left-click on each file to add to the playlist. Click "OK" when finished.

Left-click on the "Burn CD" or "Start" button in the open application to start burning the downloaded music from YouTube onto a CD.