How to Get a Month Free of Netflix

By Wendy Lau

Updated September 22, 2017

Netflix sends movies in the mail.
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Internet subscription service companies for movies and TV shows are handing out offers that are irresistible. Companies such as Netflix are offering customers convenience, cost-savings and even a month's free subscription. These benefits outweigh any offers you would traditionally receive from a movie rental shop in your neighborhood. There are conditions and terms to comply and agree to in order to receive a free month's subscription to Netflix.

Go to and complete the fields under "Start Your 1 Month Free Trial." Click "Continue" when you are finished.

Choose which of the two plans you want a one-month free subscription to. Choose between a no DVD plan where your rental selection is streamed via the Internet to your computer or television to watch (not all movies are available for streaming) or the plan that allows you to also rent DVDs, which are sent to you in the mail. Click "Continue" when you are finished.

Enter your name and billing address information. Click "Continue" when you are finished.

Enter your payment information and check off your agreement to the conditions and terms of use. Click "Start Membership" when you are finished. You will have a one-month free subscription starting from the date you click "Start Membership."


Netflix will charge your credit card a month's membership fee when the free trial period ends. If you cancel your membership before the free trial period ends, you will not receive a membership charge.

Households with Netflix members within the past 12 months are not eligible for a free trial subscription.