How to Enter Cheat Codes into the Nintendo DS

By Maya Walker

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo DS handheld game console features two LCD display screens. The bottom screen is a touchscreen. Players can play their favorite games from any location on the Nintendo DS. If you need a little assistance with finishing certain levels of your favorite game, you can use a cheat code to improve your chances of finishing. A cheat code can provide such boosts as more money, better skills or better equipment.

Collect cheat codes for the Nintendo DS from gaming sites such as Chapter Cheats or Cheat Code Central. (See Resources.) Search for the codes by game and gaming console.

Write down your cheat codes.

Load a game into the Nintendo DS and power on the system.

Enter the cheat code using the buttons on the Nintendo DS. The code may call for you to use the system's D-pad, directional arrows or letter buttons to activate the code. Start the game after entering the cheat code.


Some cheat codes can be entered during gameplay. Press “Pause” while playing and enter the cheat code.