How to Make a 3D Model of Your Face Online

By MayankJ

Updated September 15, 2017

i Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Making a 3D model of your face creates a custom avatar for online use. Three-D avatars are not only fun for any social networking account, but they allow more flexibility in facial expressions than flat and 2D avatars. It is possible to use a personal picture to make a 3D model of a face online without downloading software or complicated art programs.


Open a web browser. Go to (see References). Avatara allows the user to create personal avatars in 3D and allows uploads of pictures to create a 3D image of a face. Join the website to get started.

Select the “Get Started” button and then hit “Upload Image.” Browse through computer files to find the preferred personal picture for the 3D avatar. The software automatically uses facial features to make a 3D image of the face.

Adjust the hair, skin, eyes and body as necessary. Once the face is made from the image, the website has different buttons for clothing, body, face, skin, eyes, and hair. Select any preferred button and make changes. For example, select “Hair” and change the hair color or style to match current styles and colors. Pick “Eyes” to make minor adjustments to the eyes shape, size and color.

Save the avatar when it is completed and put it up on any preferred social networking site.

3D Face Generator

Open a web browser and go to (see References) and open the 3D face generator page.

Scroll down the page until reaching the box which says “FGA -- Face Generation Appliance V 1.2” and select “Start.”

Fill in the questions asked. It will ask for name, gender, age, habits like smoking and drinking and whether the face has wrinkles or not.

Allow the image to show. The generator will create a 3D face image based on the questions.


Go to the Gizmoz website (see Resources) and select "Create Your Avatar." The website has the option to upload a personal photo.

Upload a photo from files. Select the upload option and browse through photos until finding the preferred image. Click on the file and it will upload.

Adjust the avatar as preferred. Add clothes to the avatar, adjust the hairstyle or give the 3D image any preferred accessories.