How to Create a Mic for the Xbox 360

By Blythe Wolf

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer or phone headset

  • 2.5-millimeter male to 3.5-millimeter female headphone adapter

  • Electrical tape

Any headset will work for Xbox 360 with the right adapter.
i headset image by Dron from

The Xbox 360 headset and microphone are commonly known to degrade quickly, causing many gamers to replace them. Microsoft's replacement headsets can be expensive, but you can get the same functionality without using the official Xbox headset. You can make your own microphone and headset using an old phone or computer headset and a simple adapter. Why pay for an expensive headset when you can put one together with leftover parts and a couple dollars?

The Xbox 360 uses a 2.5-millimeter stero jack. While regular phone headsets and computer headsets use a 3.5-millimeter jack. All we need to do is shorten the jack using the adapter to make any headset work. You can find a 2.5-millimeter male to 3.5-millimeter female headphone adapter online or at any electrical hardware store.

Plug a standard headset into the headset adapter and secure with a small piece of electrical tape.

Plug the the modified headset into your Xbox controller.

Test your modified headset by recording a message to a friend on Xbox Live. Hit play after recording your message; if your headset is working you will hear your voice over your new headset.