How to Hook My Wii to the Car

By Mandy Slake

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • 12-volt power adapter

  • Tape

You can play your Wii in your car if it is equipped with an LCD screen.
i lcd display image by bright from

Many higher end family vehicles come equipped with LCD television screens to entertain children sitting in the rear seats. These systems also have connections that allow you to plug in external entertainment devices, including the Nintendo Wii. The Wii is not intended as a portable system, but with a power adapter and a bit of experimentation in sensor bar placement, your kids can take their Wii games on the go.

Locate the audio/video hookups in your vehicle. Check the owner's manual, or ask your auto dealer if you need help finding them.

Purchase a 12-volt power adapter. It has a cigarette lighter connection on one end, and a standard electrical outlet on the other. You can purchase one online or at an electronics store.

Plug the adapter's 12V connector into the cigarette lighter adapter of your car; then plug the Wii's power cord into the outlet end of the adapter.

Insert the A/V cables from the Wii in the A/V jacks in your car.

Position the Wii's sensor bar under or over the TV screen. Power on the Wii by hitting the "Power" button on the console or remote.


In cars with TV screens in the ceiling, tape the sensor bar under the TV or on the panel between the front row seats.

In cars with screens in the backs of the front seats, tape the sensor bar to the top of the head rest, or raise the head rest a bit and affix it between the head rest and body of the seat.

You may need to adjust your aim to compensate if the sensor bar does not fit directly over or under the screen.


Most cars cut power to the cigarette lighter when the engine is turned off, so it doesn't drain the battery. Save your game before turning off the car.