How to Make the Best Ring in Blue Dragon

By Steven Diggs, Jr.

Updated September 22, 2017

"Blue Dragon" for the Microsoft Xbox 360 is a role-playing video game featuring character designs from "Dragon Ball Z" artist Akira Toriyama. To help you increase your powers in disc two, you can make a powerful ring in a ring-making mini game. You must have a certain power level and certain gems to make a powerful ring.

Max out your magic stat. This way you know that you can build the most magical ring possible.

Obtain these materials: Black Zircon, Leaf Ruby, Turquoise of Love, Mad Amethyst, Ocean Topaz, Forest Sapphire, Silent Peridot, Princess Garnet, Red Oynst and Spiritual Moon. You can get these at the nearby accessories shops.

Go into Jibral Town at the beginning of the second disc. Go into the accessories shop. View the ring-making tutorial. This will help you understand how to make a ring. Choose the gems from Step 2 in the order listed.