How to Change a Name in "Fallout"

By Brad Chacos

Updated September 22, 2017

The Fallout series of games have provided gamers with a savage, post-nuclear wasteland to scavenge and manipulate since 1997. Gamers flock to the game for its stellar writing and expansive customization options, which include player alterable stats, teammates, weapons, armor, skills and even appearance. Despite the bevy of customization available, the earlier games don't allowed players to change their names after choosing one at the initial character creation. However, owners of the PC version of Fallout 3 can change the names of non-player characters and their own character via using console commands. Unfortunately, the ability was disabled in the Fallout: New Vegas release.

Press the tilde key to bring up the command console. Look to the left of the number "1" on the keyboard for the ~ symbol.

Select a non-player character in-game. Type "setactorfullname" (minus the quotation marks) followed by a new first and last name. Set the entire name inside of quotation marks. For example, "John Smith." To name the selected NPC John Smith, the entire command would be typed:

setactorfullname "John Smith"

Type "player.setactorfull name" (minus the quotation marks) followed by a new first and last name to change your character's name, following the same format as changing NPC names. To name your character Jane Doe, the entire command would be typed:

player.setactorfull name "Jane Doe"

Press "Enter" after inputting the command to set the changed names.