How to Beat 100 Percent of Donkey Kong Country

By Daniel O'Hair

Updated September 22, 2017

Released in 1994, "Donkey Kong Country" for the Super Nintendo has entertained gamers with its fast-paced 2-D side-scrolling action. "Donkey Kong Country" has since become the best-selling (nonbundled) Super Nintendo game of all time. In order to achieve 100 percent completion, you must complete all 40 levels of "Donkey Kong Country" and discover every bonus room. Bonus rooms are typically found by using a barrel to bust open a secret passage. Achieve 100 percent completion by carefully navigating all of your surroundings for bonus rooms.

Enter a level and complete it by reaching the "Exit" sign. Most levels are played from left to right. As you navigate the level, make note of its layout as well as barrels and friendly animals.

Revisit each stage and search for bonus rooms. Bonus rooms are found in a variety of ways, including using barrels to break open a secret passage, using animals to reach certain areas and jumping off cliffs to find off-screen "transportation" barrels.

Continue this process until you find each bonus room. You will know you have found them all when your save file has "101%" next to it.


Some stages have more than one bonus room. You can verify if you've found them all by checking a stage's title. If it has an exclamation point at the end of it, all bonus rooms have been discovered.


Finding every bonus room often involves taking risky jumps off cliffs. Be prepared to lose extra lives when searching for them.