How to Bowl a Strike Every Time in "Silver Strike Bowling 2009"

By David Ferris

Updated September 22, 2017

"Silver Strike Bowling" is an arcade game played in bars, restaurants and entertainment complexes across the country. One of the game's draws is that it pits different players and teams in competition with other bowlers around the country. The game uses a trackball to control the movement of the ball and simulates real-life bowling at a lane. To bowl a strike, you must calibrate the speed, angle and curve of the throw.

Customize your ball. "Silver Strike Bowling 2009" lets players choose the weight and style of their ball. The weight, which ranges from 12 to 16 lbs., is an important factor in the motion of the ball. Start with a midweight ball, such as 14 lbs., and adjust accordingly depending on your playing style.

Position the bowler using the trackball. Use the "Rotate Camera" feature to get a better visual angle for your shoot. The game gives you the option of an overhead view, which provides a different point of view you can use to position yourself according to the lane boards and dots. To bowl a strike, position yourself slightly to the left of the center dot.

Roll the trackball back to pull the on-screen player's arm back, then roll the trackball forward with a slight spin to the right. This slight spin will, if done right, curve the ball in such a way as to maximize its strike potential. Roll it forward with enough force to propel the ball down the lane and enough speed to knock over all the pins. You will be penalized by putting too much power into the bowl, so balance is key.

Practice this process repeatedly until you have a feel for the trackball and learned how to manipulate it to optimize curve, angle and speed.