How to Make Your Own Gang in GTA Vice City

By Jacob Burney

Updated September 22, 2017

"Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" was released in 2002. The game allows you to recruit characters to make your own gang. You must actively recruit and replace members during the game to maintain your gang as a viable force. "GTA Vice City" features small gangs of up to four members who commit small scale criminal activities. Your game controller and interactive menu options allow you to successfully recruit characters in "Vice City."

Press "Up" on your directional pad to target a game character for recruitment. Continue pressing "Up" until the character interacts with you. Your player and the targeted character will then have a conversation about his recruitment.

Search for a car. Press "Down" on the directional pad one time to have your new member stay put while you fetch a car. Press "Up" on the directional pad to have him follow you to a nearby car. If you do not find a car relatively quickly, then your newly recruited gang member will abandon you.

Press and hold the "Down" arrow on the directional pad for approximately three seconds to disband your gang.


Make sure you have a car that can accommodate all of your gang members. You lose gang members if you have too small a car.

Some gamers prefer to perform "Vice City" missions without a gang, according to gamer forums at


Do not rely on the your gangs for protection and successful missions. Gamer forums at suggest that gang members in "Vice City" are relatively weak characters who are meant to distract enemy fire from killing your player.