How to Get Johto Starters in Pokemon Leaf Green

By Mitch Reid

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • “Pokemon Emerald”

  • “Pokemon Leaf Green”

  • 2 Nintendo Game Boy Advances

  • 2 Nintendo Wireless Adapters for Game Boy Advance

In each game in the “Pokemon” series, you begin your adventure by choosing one of three Pokemon to be your primary partner. “Pokemon Leaf Green” takes place in the Kanto region, so your choices are Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander. However, by using the trade network with "Pokemon Emerald," you can also obtain Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile in “Pokemon Leaf Green.” These three Pokemon are the Johto region starters.

Obtaining a Johto Starter in "Pokemon Emerald"

Insert “Pokemon Emerald” into a Game Boy Advance and load your saved file.

Defeat the Elite Four and the Hoenn League Pokemon Champion in “Pokemon Emerald.”

Complete the Hoenn Pokedex by collecting entries for 200 species of Pokemon in “Pokemon Emerald.”

Travel to Professor Birch’s laboratory in Littleroot Town.

Talk to Birch. He will allow you to choose one of the starting Pokemon from the Johto region.

Opening the Trade Network from "Pokemon Leaf Green"

Insert “Pokemon Leaf Green” into a separate Game Boy Advance and load your saved file.

Return the Ruby item to Celio on Knot Island.

Return the Sapphire item to Celio. He will open up a trade network that allows you to trade Pokemon between games.

Trading the Johto Starter to "Pokemon Leaf Green"

Connect the two Game Boy Advances together with the Nintendo Wireless Adapters.

Go to the Direct Corner of a Pokemon Center in “Pokemon Leaf Green.”

Travel to the Direct Corner of a Pokemon Center in “Pokemon Emerald.”

Trade your chosen Johto region Pokemon from “Pokemon Emerald” to “Pokemon Leaf Green.”


When choosing one of the Johto region Pokemon, choose the one that best complements your current team of Pokemon.

If you don’t have the Nintendo Wireless Adaptors, you can use a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable instead.

In “Pokemon Leaf Green” the Sapphire item is in Dotted Hole. The Ruby item is in Mt. Ember.


Do not unplug the Nintendo Wireless Adapters while trading.