How to Get on an HGTV Show

By Brittiany Cahoon

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet browser

  • Video camera

  • Large manila envelope

  • Pen

  • Stamps

Appearing on an HGTV show will require an application.
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Home and Garden Television (HGTV) airs a variety of television shows that focus on home improvement, interior design and real estate. HGTV also programs a series of competitions on which people from all walks of life have the chance to appear. Most of the shows center on stories of people buying their first homes, preparing to renovate or using their remodeling skills to fix up an old house. Steps for applying to get on an HGTV show are simple, but you may have to apply more than once before you are picked.

Type "" into the address bar on your Internet browser and hit the "enter" or "return" key. After the website loads, move your cursor over the tab on the top row that reads "On TV" to bring up another row of links beneath that tab. Click on the link that reads "Be On HGTV" to reveal a list of shows that are currently casting.

Click on the "More info" link under the bold caption for the HGTV program on which you want to appear. Review the eligibility requirements listed for the show on the individual casting page that loads. Apply only for shows you are qualified for because some shows, like "All American Handyman," require that you have a certain amount of carpentry and repair experience; other shows require you to live in a certain geographical area.

Complete the show's online application process. Some HGTV programs' casting pages require you to click another link to bring up an application form. Fill out the necessary information in the application and click "submit." Other shows' casting pages supply an email address and ask you to send an email containing specific information like your name, address, phone number, pictures of yourself and information about your home renovation or remodel project. Ensure that you send exactly what the show asks you to send as the network has specific criteria for each show.

Create a two- to five-minute video of yourself showcasing your abilities for programs that require an audition (for example, for competition shows like "All American Handyman" and "Design Star"). Print out the application provided on the show's casting page, fill it out and put it in a manila envelope with your video recording. Include any other materials in the envelope that the show requires. Address and stamp the envelope and mail it to the address provided on the casting page.

Visit the additional websites provided on your chosen show's casting information page as they may provide more information about the show itself or tips for sending in a more desirable application.


If you are required to send in a video for your audition, don't be shy. Increase your chances by letting HGTV recruiters see your true personality and your enthusiasm for your project.