How to Play iTunes Movies on an Xbox

by J.S. CopperUpdated September 22, 2017

Apple’s iPod is the most popular MP3 player on the market, with 76% market share according to Business Insider. Since Apple requires iTunes to add and manage your iPod, this has made iTunes one of the most popular media management applications, with the ability to catalog your music, movies, audio books and podcasts. Apple released the AppleTV to make it easy to watch your iTunes library on your television, but if you already have an Xbox 360, you can easily stream your library to your television with the help of some third-party applications.

Download and install a media streaming application on your computer. Applications that can stream files from your computer to your Xbox include Connect360, Rivet, PlayOn and TVersity.

Launch the application. Open the “Options/Preferences.” Add your iTunes Media folder to the list of folders to stream. The applications will stream the detected media formats in the selected folders, including your iTunes music and movies. If you want to stream only your iTunes movies, select the “Movies” folder within the “iTunes Media” folder, which is located in your “Documents\Music” folder.

Power on your Xbox. Select “Video Library” from the dashboard.

Select your computer from the list of sources. The selected folders will display. Navigate to the “Movies” folder, locate the desired flick and select it to begin playback.


This will not work with movies purchased from the iTunes Store, due to Apple’s DRM coding, but will with movies you’ve added to your iTunes library yourself.


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