How to Get a Gyarados in "Pokemon Fire Red"

by Shane ArringtonUpdated September 22, 2017
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Gyarados and its pre-evolution Magikarp is found in every generation of Pokemon video games. Gyarados is a Water/Flying-type Pokemon with a base stat of 540, making it one of the strongest non-legendary Pokemon available. You can acquire Gyarados in "Pokemon FireRed" by either catching a Magikarp and evolving it at Level 20, or waiting until much later in the game and catching a fully evolved Gyarados.

Evolve From Magikarp

Travel to Vermillion City.

Enter the house next to the Pokemon Center, and speak with the fisherman to receive the Old Rod.

Travel north out of Vermillion City, and fish with the Old Rod on Route 6 until you hook a Magikarp.

Lower the Magikarp's health, and capture it by throwing a Poke Ball. Using an ability that causes sleep or paralysis will improve the catch rate.

Battle with Magikarp to gain experience. When Magikarp reaches Level 20, it will evolve into Gyarados.

Fully Evolved Gyarados

Travel along Route 12. You will come across a bridge with a house on it. Enter the house.

Speak with the fisherman inside the house to receive the Super Rod.

Fish with the Super Rod on Route 12 until you hook a Gyarados.

Lower the Gyarados' health, and capture it by throwing an Ultra Ball. Using an ability that causes sleep or paralysis will improve the catch rate.


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