How to Get the Black Charizard in "Pokemon: FireRed"

By Mandy Slake

Updated September 22, 2017

The Black Charizard in "Pokemon: FireRed Version" is the shiny version of the regular Charizard. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, with a 1-in-8,192 chance of any given encounter being with a shiny version. The only way you can up your chances of getting the black shiny version of the Charizard is to encounter more of its precursor, the Charmander. A shiny Charmander will evolve into a shiny Charizard. You can also breed shiny Pokemon. However, the odds are still the same whether the offspring will be shiny or not.

Save the game before choosing your starter Pokemon. The game will give you a choice of starters, with Charmander being one of the options. You must select the Charmander and look at the status screen to determine if it is shiny. Reset the game if it isn't and try again.

Save the game when you encounter a Charmander on the map, before you start the battle. The stats and shiny status are determined when the battle starts. If the Charmander is not black, reset the game.

Breed two normal Charizard at the nursery on the fourth island. The shiny factor is determined when you pick up the egg, not when the egg hatches. Save your game before you pick up the egg, incubate it and see what comes out. Reload the game if it is not shiny.


If you are breeding, put a Pokemon with the Flame Body trait at the head of your party. This will cut the hatching time in half.