How to Build a Homemade GameCube Memory Card

By Bryan Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • SD card

  • GameCube SD card adapter

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GameCube memory cards are used with both Nintendo GameCubes and Nintendo Wiis to store GameCube game data. However, with the use of an SD card and a special adapter, a homemade GameCube card can be created which will not only store GameCube game data but allow you to transfer that data to other devices, such as a PC.

Insert the SD memory card into your GameCube SD card adapter.

Insert the adapter into the memory card slot on your GameCube or Wii. This slot is on the front of the GameCube and on the left side of the Wii.

Insert a GameCube game into your GameCube or Wii and begin playing. When you are ready to save your game, do so in accordance with your game's saving procedure and the information will be transferred to your new GameCube memory card.


If you wish to transfer your game information to a PC, you can do so by removing your SD card from the adapter and inserting it into your PC.