How to Use Game Controllers With Doom 3

By Elvis Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

Game profiler applications support a variety of input devices.
i black and blue game pads image by Warren Millar from

Many computer games, especially first-person shooters, do not possess native support for game controllers. An example of such a game is "Doom 3," whose default controls are set to a combination of keyboard keys and the mouse. Users generally point their weapons with precision using their mouse while walking with any number of keyboard combinations. However, players may also use a gamepad or joystick with the help of third-party game management applications.

Obtain a third-party game profiling application. Tools like Pinnacle Game Profiler, Total Game Control and NeTo Game Profiler FX allow you to use a computer input for games that do not support it.

Install and launch the game profiling application. Use the program's main "Open" or "Browse" function to search for the "Doom 3" file shortcut on your computer.

Use the application to emulate "Doom 3's" current control scheme, and assign it to a game controller. For example, the game's default controls use the "W," "S," "A" and "D" keyboard keys to move forward, backward, left and right, respectively. Within the application, select the "W" key from its drop-down menu, then forward its respective action by pressing a desired gamepad button. Customize each action to your game controller accordingly.

Save your settings by pressing "Apply" or using the program's default saving method.

Launch "Doom 3," and test your new control settings. Ensure the game management application is actively running while playing the game.