How to Find Local Movie Listings

By Zora Hughes

Updated September 22, 2017

New York City is the No. 1 film market in America.
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Going to the movies is as complicated as ever nowadays, with mega-sized theaters that often have anywhere from 21 to 30 movie screens. It can get complicated trying to figure out which movie is showing where and at what time, and how much it's going to cost you to take your family. If you can help it, it might be a good idea to avoid the over-sized theaters and choose a smaller, more manageable movie theater. You can easily find movie listings for the local theater in a newspaper, online or over the phone.

Check the local newspaper in your area. The larger regional and city papers will most likely have local listing of several area movie theaters. The movie listings will typically be found in the movies or entertainment section of the newspaper. Not all newspaper's provide movie listing since so many people can access the information online. Also, some newspapers list movies showing only at specific theaters because the newspaper may charge a fee for movie theaters to advertise their listings, and some theaters do not want to pay for the advertising.

Check the movie listing websites. Websites such as Moviefone and Fandango provide listings of theaters all over the country. Simply input your ZIP code in the designated search box, and a listing of theaters in your area and what they are playing will pop up. You can also buy your tickets ahead of time through their websites, although you will have to pay a service fee. Alternately you can go to the website of the movie theater company and search for their movie listings. The movie theater websites often provide special deals and discounts to frequent customers, such as a free drink or popcorn.

Call the local theater to hear a recording of the current movies and their show times. Nearly all theaters have a recording that comes up as soon as you call their number. The recording goes through the movies playing that day, what times they are playing and how much it costs for adults, children and seniors. Recordings typically provide additional information on whether passes can be used, parking and other pertinent information.


The websites of area newspapers will almost always provide listings of movies and show times for the local theaters.