How to Install "Grand Theft Auto 4"

By Steven Diggs, Jr.

Updated September 22, 2017

"Grand Theft Auto IV," commonly referred to as "GTA IV," needs files to be installed to the computer's hard drive before you can play the game. The installation is simple and will guide you through the entire process to play the game both offline and online.

Place the "GTA IV" disc into the computer's DVD drive.

Install the Rockstar Games Social Club by following the on-screen directions that will appear.

Install the game by following the on-screen directions.

Create a Games for Windows-LIVE account. You can skip this option, but you will have to make an account to use any of "GTA IV's" online features. Open the game. Open the Rockstar Social Games Club icon on the desktop. Select "Play." Insert the product key that is located with the game to start play. You will only have to insert this once.