How to Change Your "Minecraft" Skin

By Aaron Parson

Updated September 22, 2017

The Xbox 360 version of
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Playing Minecraft is all about creativity, and that's not limited just to the blocks you place. After playing for a while, the default character skin and world texture can get a bit boring, so add style to your worlds and help your character stand out on crowded servers by changing your skin and resource pack. Both the computer and console versions of the game let you change things up, but with a few notable distinctions.

Find and Edit Character Skins on the Computer

To find new skins for your character, browse one of the Minecraft skin libraries online, such as, The Skindex or MCSkinSearch. To use a skin as-is, download it and then upload it on the Minecraft site.

To edit a skin, open the file you downloaded in any image editor -- even Microsoft Paint works fine. Skin files resemble unfolded papercraft dolls, making it a bit difficult to identify which part of the image corresponds to a particular body part. As a guide, or to build a skin from scratch, use the skin templates found on Minecraft Wiki. To make changes to a skin, just draw on the image, save it and upload it.

Use a Character Skin on the Computer

On the computer version of Minecraft, your character's skin is tied to your Mojang account, rather than your computer or a particular world. To change it, log into the official Minecraft website and open the "Profile" page. Choose whether your skin fits the original Steve model or the thin-armed Alex model added in Minecraft 1.8. Press "Browse" ("Select File" on some Web browsers) and pick the skin file on your computer.

Change World Textures on the Computer

To reskin an entire world, install a new resource pack, sometimes called a texture pack. Back in the game's early years, this process required you to modify game files, but Minecraft now includes a menu for easily switching between packs. Open the "Options" menu, click "Resource Packs" and press "Open Resource Pack Folder" to open the folder on your computer for installing new packs. Place any packs you download into this folder, then select them in Minecraft to change the look of the game. To find packs, check sites such as Planet Minecraft, Curse and Minecraft Forum.

Change Skins and Textures on Console

You can't download user-made skins and texture packs onto a console the way you can on a computer, but the console editions of Minecraft do offer a few options for customizing your look. Open the "Help & Options" menu and pick "Change Skin" to select one of the alternate skins built into the game. To get additional skins, buy skin packs on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live.

Similarly, the console stores sell a few texture packs for changing the look of your Minecraft worlds. Unlike on computer, where you can switch textures back and forth, the console version of Minecraft requires you to pick a texture pack when you first create a new world.

Finally, you can also buy mash-up packs which include both a new texture pack and a set of skins.