How to Put Mario Bros on My TI-84

By Brandon Getty

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • TI Connect software

  • Super Mario Brothers DX 4 file

  • Serial TI connectivity cable

  • ION software

You can bring the fun of Super Mario Brothers to your TI-84 calculator.
i calculator image by Randy McKown from

The TI-84 calculator, produced by Texas Instruments, is capable of more than computing equations and graphing plot points--it can also be used as a basic gaming console. A number of classics including Super Mario Brothers are available for free use on your calculator. With a simple mini USB cable and several basic software clients, you'll have the classic console game at your fingertips the next time boredom strikes.

Download and install the connectivity software offered for free by Texas Instruments. A link to the file can be found in the Resources section. If your calculator came with a TI Connect software disc, you may have it already installed.

Follow the second link in the Resources section to download the Super Mario Brothers DX 4 file. Unzip the file by double-clicking it once it has downloaded. Save the contents to the location of your choice.

Power on your TI-84 and connect it to your computer using the TI connectivity cable that was included with your calculator. Alternatively, you can use a silver graphlink cable, available at electronics retailers.

Download the ION software and save all associated files to a new folder on your desktop. Open the folder and select all of the contents. Right-click and select "Send to TI device."

Locate the "PRGM" button near the top of the keypad and press it. A list of executable files will appear. Use the directional arrows to select the ION file and press "PRGM" again. This installs ION on your TI-84.

Create an archive folder for Super Mario Brothers by pressing the calculator's "2nd" key. In sequential order, press "+," "2" and "7." Locate the three ION files and use the directional pad to highlight one at a time. Press "Enter" to archive all three of them and form the folder.

Visit the destination folder for the Super Mario Brothers files. Select all, right-click the files, choose "Send to TI Device" and pick "Archive."

Access the game by pressing the "PRGM" key and opening the "Archive" folder.


A variety of other free games can be found at Installation is performed using the same procedure outlined above.