How to Unlock All Chains & Clothes in "Def Jam Icon"

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

"Def Jam Icon" is an Xbox 360 fighting game starring various hip hop artists. The game is the third in the series and uses a more up-close fighting system then the wrestling-oriented previous titles. The environment and even the music now play a role in fights, and more damage can be done by timing your attacks to the beat of the background songs. Like all other Xbox 360 games, this one features "achievements" and accomplishing these will also reward the player with chains and clothes to customize their character.

Start a new game of "Def Jam Icon" and select the "Build a label" mode. Play through this mode until you have been rewarded with all the fighting styles. This will unlock the "Urban and stylish" clothing package that contains brands like Zoo York, Ecko and Phat Farm.

Play through "Build a label" mode until you have released five platinum albums. This will unlock the "casual and classy" clothing package. This packagage contains brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma. Continue playing this mode until you have made $5 million. This will unlock the "bling package" that contains all the jewellery. You will also receive the "Icon" chain for having all the fighting styles, releasing five platinum albums and getting $5 million.

Play through "Build a label" mode and have four girlfriends at the same time who are all satisfied. This will reward you with the "ladies man" chain.

Play through the online mode of the game to unlock the remaining 12 chains. Play 1,000 online ranked matches to unlock threw new chains -- one at 100, one at 500 and the last at 1,000.

Win 30 consecutive online ranked online matches to get three more chains -- the first at 10, then 20 and the last at 30.

Win 1,000 ranked matches to get five more chains. These are in total wins and not consecutive. Keep playing online until you manage to make it on to the top 100 leaderboard. This will unlock the final chain in the game.