How to Find Joker Cards on LEGO Batman for the DS

By Grahame Turner

Updated September 22, 2017

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In the LEGO universe, even Batman puts in an appearance in a lighthearted take on the series. The game includes a huge number of features, including two modes allowing you to play each level as either heroes or villains. Throughout the game, you can also locate special items, such as the 30 Joker Cards, which will unlock concept art and early character sketches in the Wayne Manor trophy room. These are optional items, but they will give you an interesting insight into the game's development and a sense of accomplishment for finding them all.

Hero Mode

Play the first level, Gotham Streets, in Free Play or Story mode. Bring a character who has a gun, someone with a travel chute and a third character with bombs. Enter the second section of the level, and shoot the targets. Build a travel chute and take it down to a box. Blow up the box with a bomb, purchase a silver key and open the panel to find the first Joker Card No. 1, Alfred.

Begin Level 2 in Free Play or Story mode. Select characters with these abilities: strength, grapple gun, glider, double-jump and magnet boots. Buy a gold key and use it on the panel in the first section. This unlocks a block your strong character can push. Behind that is a grapple point you can assemble. Use that, grapple to the next point, and then double-jump or glide to the platform. Use the magnet boots to go past some chimneys, then smash open the boards for Joker Card No. 3, Commissioner Gordon.

Start the Batmobile Chase level, and catch up to Two-Face's truck for the Batmobile's Joker Card (No. 5).

Find Joker Card No. 7, which is Robin's, hidden inside a bush in the first area of the Botanical Garden level. The bush is located near the fountain.

Battle the Riddler in his level, Bullion Fortress. Destroy objects near the bottom of his final stand area to find his Joker Card.

Bring a character with anti-toxic ability to the Gotham Docks level. Get off the train after that section of the level. Walk into the toxic sludge and destroy the barrels there to find Joker Card No. 11, which is Batgirl.

Buy a blue key, bring a bomb user and start the Rooftops level. After covering the steam vent, open the Blue Key panel. Blow up the object blocking the piano to drop the piano, then step on the switch. Jump down into the open panel, then blow up the floor and collect Nightwing's Joker Card.

Play the Batboat Chase level and catch up to the Penguin's submarine for the Batboat Joker Card.

Enter the Sewers with a gold key and an anti-toxic character. You'll find a highly toxic area in the level, and if you cross it with your toxic-proof character, you'll find a ledge and a ladder. Climb the ladder and open the gold key panel located there. Inside is Joker Card No. 17, Tim Drake.

Use a gun-wielding character on the Arctic level to get another Joker Card. When you raise the icebergs, shoot at the targets to get Catwoman's card.

Enter the Chemical Factory with a villain character and someone who uses bombs. Find the villain switch, which you have to build with your villainous character. Climb the ladder that appears and bomb the safe to drop it down onto a sign. The sign will break to reveal another Joker Card, the Batcave.

Bring a character with strength powers, someone with a grapple gun and someone who can use a spin pole to the Fairground level. After Harley Quinn runs away, grapple up to the grapple point. Break the wall with your strong man, and then build the spin pole to find the Joker Card for Gotham City.

Fly the Batwing and catch up to the Scarecrow's plane for the Batwing card.

Play through the art gallery until you reach the last section of the level. Push the switches on the small building in the correct order. Push the top, then the bottom, then the top switch on the back side to get the card for Arkham Asylum.

Enter Gotham Cathedral. Find the top right ledge, next to the push box. Climb up it for the final Hero mode Joker Card, which is, of course, Batman.

Villain Mode

Start the Gotham Streets level in Villain mode. Find the traffic cones outside the bank, then break them all. Inside one of them, you'll find the No. 2 Joker Card, Clayface.

Play the Ice Cream Factory level with a bomber, a glider and a gunner character. Climb up the ladder from the freeze gas area, and then bomb the object sticking out of the wall. Build the grapple point, jump and glide left to a ledge where you'll find Joker Card No. 4, Mr. Freeze.

Play the Batmobile Chase in Villain mode to get Two-Face's truck card.

Bring a travel chute user to the Botanical Gardens level. Proceed to the fourth area and break the gas box. Destroy a nearby bush and build the step switch. Step on the switch to make a travel chute appear. Grow the plant, then climb it and build the chute. Take the chute back to the ledge to find Poison Ivy's card, No. 8.

Bring your travel chute character to the second area in the Bullion Fortress level. Use the travel chute in the second area of the map, and take it up to the left-most ledge. Break the safe there for the next card, No. 1, depicting Harvey Two-Face.

Take a double-jumper and a travel chute rider to the Gotham Docks level, and take them to the ramp near the empty boxcar. Jump up to the top of the car, then jump from there to the nearby ledge. Head right, destroy all of the boxes and build yourself a travel chute. Take that down to some more boxes to break to find Bane's Joker Card.

Smash the piano in the second part of the Rooftops level to find Bruce Wayne, the next Joker Card.

Play the Batboat Chase level, and hit all of the switches at the beginning of the level to unlock the next card, Penguin's Sub.

Head to the door at the end of the first level. In Heroes mode, this is a door they use to proceed, but in Villains mode, it's where you'll find Killer Croc on a Joker Card.

Enter the area in Arctic World where the Heroes raise the icebergs. You'll find a switch you can pull, which will open up the next card, No. 20, the Penguin.

Open the Chemical Factory level and bring a bomb user with you. Walk to the left of the large switch, and climb up from there. Find a red chimney on the roof, destroy that and unlock the next Joker Card, the Mad Hatter.

Bring a Gold Key with you to the next level, the Fairground. Smash up the soda machine, then rebuild the pieces into a Gold Key switch. Behind that is Harley Quinn's card.

Fly Joker's chopper over the switches that start appearing close to the last quarter of the chase. Hit the switches for the Joker's Chopper Card (No. 26).

Play the Art Gallery level, and head left from the push box in the third part of the level. Smash the grate to find the Scarecrow's card

Bring either Batman or the Joker, or anyone else who has Batarangs or razor cards, to the Villain Mode Cathedral level. Head to the fifth section of the level and smash up the boxes. After that, rebuild the debris into two targets, which you need to hit with either the Batarang or razor cards. Destroy these targets for the final Joker Card, No. 30, the Joker himself.