How to Get Multiplayer on GTA: Vice City Stories on PS2

By Alexandra Bee

Updated September 22, 2017

Whether you are new to GTA: Vice City or you’re simply interested in having a friend join you to play, GTA: Vice City Stories features a multiplayer mode on the PlayStation 2 that you can be unlock as you complete the game. If you do not want to complete the story mode and prefer jumping directly into the multiplayer mode, there are cheat codes available that instantly unlock all of the levels of multiplayer without any game playing required.

Power on your PlayStation 2 and be sure to have both of the PlayStation controllers plugged into the available spots on your console. Insert the game disc into your console and allow the game to load.

Start a new game or load a current game from a memory card (if available).

Begin the game in single player mode and enter the cheat by pressing: "Up," "Up," "Up," "Triangle," "Triangle," "Circle," "L1" and "R1" on your controller to unlock all of the multiplayer modes available in the game. Your multiplayer content and games will be unlocked and you will be able to join in with another player by using your map to locate the multiplayer activities.


After entering any cheats or hints, it is recommended you do not save your game afterwards to avoid game statistic errors and glitch possibilities.