How to Make Medicine on "Viva Pinata"

by Amanda Delgado ; Updated September 22, 2017

Once you reach level nine in the video game “Viva Pinata” or level seven in “Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise,” you can hire a character named Bart to tinker with or transform certain items. You’ll need his skills to get items like medicine that are not sold at Costolot’s Store or Ivor Bargain’s shop. Achievements such as romancing Fizzlybears, taming a Sour Crowla and changing certain pinata species’ colors to pink, can't be done without a bottle of medicine.

Go to the menu and select the Village. Go to Costolot’s Store. Select a jar of honey from the Produce section. Choose “Checkout” then select “Yes” to complete your purchase.

Return to the Village menu. Go to Bart’s Exchange and select the "Bronze," "Silver" or "Gold" price level. A higher cost means a better chance of Bart successfully transforming the honey into medicine.

Move the cursor over the jar of honey to select it for tinkering. Select “Checkout” then “Yes” to complete the transaction.

Exit the menu to return to your garden. Wait for Bart to enter. Move any objects out of the way if they’re blocking his path. Bart will walk over to the honey and attempt to turn it into a bottle of medicine. His chance of success depends on which price level you selected when you hired him.


  • If Bart fails to change the honey into medicine, you’ll lose the jar of honey. You'll have to get a new one and hire Bart again.

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