How to Play Multiplayer Mario Cart on the Nintendo DS

By Jess Kroll

Updated September 22, 2017

"Mario Kart" for the Nintendo DS uses the system's built-in wireless LAN to connect with nearby systems for multi-player races of up to eight people or online with up to four. Players can use a single DS card to download the information from one game, or multiple DS cards, even if they don't own a copy of the game themselves. Once the information is downloaded, it will be stored on the system until the DS is turned off.

Playing on one DS Card

Turn off all the DS systems that wish to play.

Insert a "Mario Kart DS" game card into the host system and turn all the systems on.

Touch the "Mario Kart DS" panel on the host system and "DS Download Play" on all others. Select "Mario Kart DS" on the game selection screen on the guest systems. Confirm "Yes" to begin the download.

Select "Simple" on the host system and wait as the player names are added to the game list.

Select the host's name on all the guest system to be added to the game group. Once all the names are added, select "Cut Off" on the host system.

Select a game on the host system to begin the multi-player game.

Online Play

Insert the "Mario Kart DS" game card into the DS system and turn it on.

Select "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings" in the "Nintendo WFC" section of the main menu.

Tap "Connection 1" and search for an access point.

Select your wireless access point. Fill in any needed information including netword ID and password. Select "OK," "Save Settings," and "Yes." If the connection is successful, the game is connected to the Wi-Fi network and the settings have been saved. The game will connect with the Nintendo WFC.

Select the type of opponent you wish to race: Friend, Rival, Regional or Worldwide. Once connected, choose the race track and character and begin the game.


If all players in a wireless LAN game have a copy of the "Mario Kart DS" game card, then select "Normal" on the host's system once all the DS systems are turned on. Select the host's name on the guest systems and select "Cut Off" once the list is full.

Keep a maximum distance of 65 feet between all players and try to angle the systems so they face each other. Also remove obstructions between the players and wireless devices from the area, these may interfere with the local signal.