How to Pause Your Wow Account

By Chris Miksen

Updated September 22, 2017

If you’re going on vacation or don’t have the money to pay for your “World of Warcraft” account, you can choose to pause your account. While there is no “Pause” option, you can choose to cancel your account until you’re ready to return. When you choose to return to the game, you can simply set up a subscription. Your characters and all other game information will remain while your account is cancelled, and you will have access to everything once you return, unless you have low level characters.

Visit the “World of Warcraft” website. Click the “Account” button at the top. Enter your information and click “Log in.”

Select your “World of Warcraft” account. Click “Cancel Game Subscription.” The cancellation screen will appear.

Choose “Temporary Hold” as the general reason for your cancellation. Select a specific reason, such as “Going on vacation” or “Moving.”

Click “Yes, Cancel It.” Click “Back to Account” after the confirmation page appears. Look at the expiration date under “Status.” That is the last date you can play “World of Warcraft” until you renew your account.

Navigate back to the “Account” page when you want to renew your account. Click “Set up game subscription” and follow the onscreen instructions to begin playing the game again.


As of January 2011, if you have characters leveled 1 to 29, you must return 60 days from when you cancelled your account, otherwise your characters will be deleted. Characters that are level 30 to 49 are deleted 120 days after you cancelled your account. No character level 50 or above is ever deleted.