How to Change Your Xbox Profile Age

By Aaron Parson

Updated September 22, 2017

Xbox Live determines your age by the birth date you give when you create an account. Microsoft doesn't provide a way to change that date, short of starting over with a new account, but you can promote a child account to an adult account as long as your birth date indicates that you actually are an adult. With an adult account, you can buy games, add friends and manage your own privacy settings without the help of another user. If you have an Xbox One, your account promotes automatically the next time you log out and in after you turn 18. On the 360, however, you have to make the change manually.

Xbox 360

Sign in to a child account, scroll over to the Settings tab and select "Account."

Scroll right to the Your Information panel and choose "Promote Child Account." If your account does not have an age over 18, or if your account is already an adult account, this option won't show up.

Choose "Yes" to leave your current game, if you're in one, and then press "Continue."

Enter a new credit or debit card for billing, if prompted. If you paid for your account with prepaid cards or don't have a paid account, the Xbox skips over this step. Even though the system instructs you to enter a new card, you can reenter the same card information you used previously.

Accept the terms of use and privacy statement, and then press "Done" to promote your account. Sign in to your account again to use it as an adult account.

Xbox One

Open the sign-in menu in the upper left corner of the home screen -- or say "Xbox, Sign In" with a Kinect -- choose your current account and select "Sign Out."

Return to the sign-in menu, pick your account again and select or say "Choose This Person."

Enter your email address and accept the terms of use and privacy statement to promote your account.

Fill in a new credit or debit card, if prompted, to replace the one on file. You can reuse the same card you used previously. If you only use prepaid cards on your account or have a free account, the system skips this step.


If you use an Xbox Live account on both the 360 and One, you only need to promote your account once, on either system.

In the United States, you need to be 18 to promote your account to an adult account. The age varies in other countries, based on each country's age of majority.

If you switch between accounts on an Xbox One, your account might have already been promoted during an earlier login. If you're the only person using the system or if your Kinect logs you in automatically, you'll need to follow these steps to make the change.


You can't demote an adult account back to a child account.