How to Connect Two Nintendo DS

By James Hannon

Updated September 22, 2017

Friends can connect wirelessly to any Nintendo DS near them.
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Wireless connections set Nintendo DS consoles apart from its predecessors in hand-held gaming. Depending on the game you wish to play, two players can connect their two DS systems within the game world as long as certain conditions are met. Some games even allow players to use only one game cartridge between the two systems. Every game has a different method for multiplayer setup, though once it is found in the game menu, connections all work the same way.

Connecting With Multiple Game Cards

Check your game instruction manual to see what kind of connection is needed. If there is a box with two DS consoles with dark screens, that means every player must have a copy of the game in their DS. If there is a box with one dark screen DS and one white screen DS, only one game cartridge is needed. Refer to the second section of this article.

Turn on all DS hand-held devices in the area. Select the game cartridge with your DS stylus to start the game.

Check individual game instruction manuals for information on how to begin multiplayer. Every game will has its own system. When a connection is started on one system, the DS will seek out other players in the area. Wait until all players are ready on their own devices before searching for a connection.

Connecting With One Game Card

Insert the game card into one DS and turn it on. If your DS is in manual start-up mode, select the game card in your menu with the stylus.

Turn on all other DS devices. Select DS download play from the start-up menu with your stylus.

Tap the game title in your menu to begin download. Follow the game instructions to begin multiplayer.


Turn off wireless devices in the area if you are having trouble with the connection. Move to a new location if any wireless devices in your vicinity cannot be turned off.