How to Use 360 Controllers With My Original Xbox

By Katrina Matterhorn

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Wired Xbox 360 controller

  • XCM Cross Fire Converter

  • Original Xbox controller to USB adapter

  • Original Xbox controller

Use your Xbox 360 controller for your original Xbox.
i Video game controller image by Christopher Meder from

The XCM Cross Fire Converter allows Xbox users to utilize their 360 controllers with older versions of the Xbox. With this capability, you can use the 360 controllers to play older games on the original Xbox or have an extra controller on hand for multiplayer game play. Setting up the 360 controllers to work with the original Xbox requires only a few steps.

Turn on the Xbox 360. Attach the XCM Cross Fire Converter to the Xbox 360 in the USB port. Confirm that the power indicator LED light is blinking on the Xbox.

Insert the wired Xbox 360 controller into the XCM Cross Fire Converter. Verify that the LED light on the Xbox is consistently lit once the attachment between the controller and converter has been made.

Attach the USB wire adapter to the original Xbox controller's USB port.

Take out the Xbox 360 controller from the converter. Attach the USB connector into the other end XCM Cross Fire Converter that is still connected to the original Xbox. You can now use 360 controllers with the original Xbox.