How to Open Up Tall Tall Trees & Great Plains in "Red Dead Redemption"

By Jhonna Moye

Updated September 22, 2017

"Red Dead Redemption" is an open world adventure game released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in May 2010. Many of the goals and side quests required for achievements and trophies in the game are specific to locations that are not open to the player at all times within the game. West Elizabeth is the last of the three areas of the game to be unlocked, and contains both Tall Tall Trees and Great Plains. There are two ways to gain access to these areas, depending on whether you want to play through the game or earn achievements.

Normal Playthrough

When you begin playing the game, you will gain control of John Marston, the main character. This map section is called New Austin, and is currently the only map section you have access to. You will have several quests that take you through how the game is played. Play these quests to completion.

After you have completed the tutorial quests, play through the game quests as they appear. Taking time aside from quests to play side quests will not have an adverse effect on the game.

After you have completed the quests in New Austin, the quest "Assault on Fort Mercer" will become available. Complete this quest to continue.

After the "Assault on Fort Mercer" quest is completed, the "We Shall be Together in Paradise" quest is available. Complete this quest. When you have accomplished this, you will be in the Nuevo Paraiso section of the map, which will now be open for play.

Play through the Nuevo Paraiso missions as you did the New Austin Missions. The final Nuevo Paraiso mission to open up is "An Appointed Time." After completing this mission, watch the following cut scene. After the cut scene, John Marston will be in the city of Blackwater, the capital of West Elizabeth, and both Tall Tall Trees and Great Plains will be unlocked.

Achievement or Trophy Completetion

On the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, one of the achievements is "On the Trail of De Vaca." To complete this achievement or trophy, all subareas of the game must be discovered. Buy the maps of Tall Tall Trees and Great Plains to unlock.

Visit the General Store in Blackwater to purchase the map of Great Plains. Activate the map from your inventory to mark all areas of Great Plains as discovered.

Visit the General Store in Manzanita Post and purchase the map of Tall Tall Trees. To mark all areas of Tall Tall Trees, activate this map in your inventory.

Ensure that all maps that you have purchased throughout the game have been activated in your inventory.

If you have all areas of New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso, you will earn the achievement or trophy for "On the Trail of De Vaca."


The method for opening Tall Tall Trees and Great Plains is the same on both Tall Tall Trees and Great Plains. It is possible to gain access to the areas by entering a cheat code from the "Cheats" option on the "Pause" menu. On either console, make this choice and enter "YOU GOT YOURSELF A FINE PAIR OF EYES." This code will open all areas of the map. However, you cannot save the game or earn achievements and trophies after entering a cheat. At the game's release, it was possible to enter West Elizabeth by committing a crime and being arrested near the border. After the June 2010 patch, this method no longer works.